Chandrakanth News: Telugu TV Actor Dies by Suicide

Chandrakanth's Death:

Chandrakanth committed suicide on May 17, 2024, at his house in Alkapur, Telangana. He was discovered by the friends who had gone to check up on him after he failed to pick up their calls, and he was found hanging in the flat he had rented. A case under Section 174 CrPC (suspicious death) has been filed, and the reason is not yet clear. The actor’s death was due to stress from depression and grief over the loss of his friendly co-actress, Pavithra Jayaram.

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Who is Chandrakanth?

Chandrakanth was a TV actor in the Telugu industry who had worked in many TV serials, like Trinayani.

• He was found dead at his home in Alkapur, Telangana, on Friday, May 17.

• The actor reportedly took his own life, just days after the death of his co-star and close friend, Pavithra Jayaram.

Pavithra Jayaram's death:

Pavithra Jayaram passed away in a road accident in Hyderabad on May 12.

• She was driving her vehicle when a bus hit her, causing very serious injuries that led to her death on the spot.

• She also had her other sister, Apeksha, and driver, Srikant, who emerged from the accident with Chandrakanth injured.

Chandrakanth's Tributes to Pavithra:

Chandrakanth was sad for Pavithra’s loss and was expressing his feelings through beautiful notes for his ‘Trinayani’ friend.

• The last Instagram post was for Pavithra, where he mentioned that she deserves only him.


• A case under Section 174 CrPC (Suspicious Death) was registered at Narsingi Police Station, and further investigations are in progress.

Chandrakanth's Life and Career:

Chandrakanth got his early education in the city of Hyderabad, in the state of Telangana, and began his acting career in the early 2000s. He entered the limelight for his roles in TV serials like “Trinayani” and “Totottama.“. He appeared in another TV serial, “Bucchi Naidu Kandriga." Chandrakanth was a highly versatile actor who could effortlessly play diverse characters.

Chandrakanth and Pavithra Jayaram:

The couple debuted in the TV industry with the serial "Trinayani,” in which both of them played lead roles and were rumored to be dating each other in real life. They were also staying in the same flat where Chandrakanth was found. Pavithra Jayaram, who was killed in a car accident on May 12, 2024,.


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The news that Chandrakanth has taken his own life has caused a shockwave across the Telugu film industry, especially because of Chandrakanth’s recent loss of his co-actor and friend Pavithra Jayaram. The two actors were or were alleged to be in a relationship and were living in the same rented house. Chandrakanth’s father said that his son had been in a depressed mood for the last few days and that he wanted to be with Pavithra. Further, there are investigations progressing on Chandrakanth’s demise.


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