Fukra Insaan (Abhishek Malhan) Net Worth, Height, Age, Family, Biography & More

Fukra Insaan 

Fukra Insaan, whose real name is Abhishek Malhan, is a young Indian YouTuber who is famous for his funny and often challenging videos. His videos usually have high quality, crazy challenges, and a lot of laughter.

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Real name: Abhishek Malhan 

Age: 27 Years 

Height : 6 Feet 3 Inch (Approx)

Date of Birth: 24 May 1997

Birth Place: Delhi, India 

Hometown: Delhi, India 

Profession: YouTuber, Content Creator 

Family :

Martial Status: Unmarried 

Wife: N/A

Mother: Dimple Malhan 

Father: Vinay Malhan

Siblings: Nischay Malhan, Prerna Malhan

Net Worth :

Net Worth: ₹ 11.7 Crore+ (Approx)

Monthly Income: Not Know

Yearly Income: Not Know 

Income Source: YouTube, Instagram, Sponsorship, Brand Promotions & More

Socials :

Instagram: Click: fukra_insaan

YouTube: Click: Fukra Insaan

Early Life:

Fukra Insaan, whose real name is Abhishek Malhan, is incredibly popular in the YouTube. Probably this transition to a viral content maker is an astonishing story of persistence, determination, and the discovery of humor in daily lives.


Childhood and the Start:

Abhishek was born on May 24, 1997, in Delhi, India, and his family was his pillar of support. Abhishek was influenced by YouTubers like MrBeast and KSI, which is why in 2019 he made up his mind to make a channel of his own, which he named "Fukra Insaan."


Rise to Fame:

The channel Fukra Insaan gained momentum when he posted IRL (in real life) videos and challenges. Through the comparison of low- and high-priced water bottles to the survival of insane situations, his content was relatable and humorous for its authenticity and humor. The main thing that makes him popular are his 'Original' videos. His 'Daily Vlogs, real-life experience situations that are common to Indian life, and their understandable videos that can be related to the everyday Indian viewer. Being cheerful, he made videos and his challenges videos, which made him have millions of fans.

Beyond YouTube: Bigg Boss, Music, and More:

Abhishek's talent fell far beyond Internet entertainment. In 2023, he appeared in Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, which has been widely watched show and he came in as a runner-up. His abilities were beyond talent, evident in the fact that he also released songs such as "Big Live" and even much more.

Looking Ahead

The journey of Fukra Insaan will not now end. Owing to his passion for creativity, producing unique material, and his knack for connecting with people forever, he is bound to become a famous personality in the Indian YouTube industry.


Fukra Insaan, whose real name is Abhishek Malhan and who is also satirical, is a representation of the creativity and humor of the social who come up with relatable things. He became a YouTube influencer with millions of followers.

However, Fukra Insaan is a one-man show. He has been involved in reality TV, he has displayed his musical skills, and he has also taken part in entrepreneurship. Nowadays, he is a multifaceted entertainer who uses his platform for laughter, charity, and positive social impact.

Through his passion for creating distinct content and his ability to get along with the audience, Fukra Insaan's story is not over yet. The future of Indian entertainment definitely has a bright spot for this talented and ever-evolving entertainer.




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