Vivone Gamer Age, Net Worth, Family, Biography & More

Vivone Gamer

Vivone is known as Aakarsh Chaudhary; he is a nine-year-old gamer from India. Now he is among the youngest gaming players ever to achieve such a huge level of success. Vivone has a lot of experience playing different kinds of games, including Valorant, BGMI, and others. Furthermore, he has a significant fan base on Instagram and YouTube, where he presents his gaming activities. 

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Bio / Wiki : 

Real name: Akarsh Chaudhary 


Age: 9 Years


Height: 4 Feet 3 Inch (Approx)


Date of Birth:  February 24, 2015


Birth Place: Not Know


Hometown: Mumbai, India


Profession: gamer, YouTuber, content creator 

Family :

Martial Status: Unmarried 


Wife: N/A


Mother: Shikha Chaudhary 


Father: Vivek Singh

Net Worth :

Net Worth: ₹ 45 Lakhs+ (approximate)


Monthly Income: ₹ 1.5 Lakhs+ (approximate)


Yearly Income: ₹ 19 Lakhs+ (approximate)


Income Source: Gaming, YouTube, Instagram, Sponsorship, Brand Promotions & More

Socials : 

Instagram: Click - vivonegamer

YouTube: Click - VivOne

Career :

Vivone has been into gaming since his childhood. He was just four when he began playing BGMI with his parents. Vivone demonstrated his inherent skill in gaming on the BGMI battlefield in India. Many leading gaming brands have endorsed him due to his success in many competitions and tournaments. 

Gameplay :

Vivone is an excellent gamer. His aim, reflexes, and sense of the game are all excellent. He also has a high level of IQ and is able to learn new tactics and strategies very quickly. He also practices very hard every day. 

Achievements :

Vivone is an idol for many young gamers. It doesn't matter how young you are; he proves that you can make your dreams come true. The young gamers see him as a role model, and he demonstrates what one can achieve in the game. In the Indian gaming landscape, Vivone has proven to be a big player. At such a tender age, he has already accomplished a lot. He will definitely be successful in his gaming career and will inspire many young players.  

Streaming :

Apart from his achievements in gaming, Vivone is also a very popular YouTube streamer. He has a huge fan base that not only watches but also learns from him when he streams on YouTube. Vivone communicates with his fans via social media, as he always answers their questions. He has thousands of YouTube subscribers, and many people view his streams on a regular basis. He's a streamer who gives off both informative and entertaining vibes. 

Inspiration :

Vivone Gaming is an example of how you can reach big things even from a small place. He displays that with consistent effort and incredible passion towards your work, it is possible to make it big at any age, and he did just that. He incarnates the ideal to which we all aspire. 

Tips from Vivone Gaming:

• Practice constantly:

If you take the time to practice, then you will get better. 

• Watch professional gamers:

Seeing them in such situations will help you learn a lot. 

• Be patient:

To become a pro gamer, you have to put in many hours, so you must be good at handling time. Winning isn't the most important thing. But if you don't always win, don't quit.  

Conclusion :

Whether there is a bright future for the Vivone Gaming Company remains to be seen. He is a hotshot now in one of the top-young gaming scenes in India, and he will only get better. We are expecting the things that he will be doing during his upcoming years. Each of us lives in our own world. But we all care about this brand. He is an ambitious young gamer who has to make great efforts to achieve his dreams and never gives up. This helps aspiring young gamers who look up to him be encouraged that they can make it in the industry. By Vivone Gaming’s experience, we all pass by an opportunity. These selfless attributes of honesty, dutifulness, resolution, and humbleness form a good example to follow. Seeing him act this way, we can draw a lesson on how one has to a polite and contributing member of the gaming community. 

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